"Opeloge's music scores possess a cool energy and unforced grandeur"
The NZ Herald
"We are Pasifika was a blend of Pacific culture and music fused into a night of classical Pacific opera, Sublime"
Pacific Eye Witness
"Opeloge's music provided a spectacular choral & orchestral welcome, his lyrical tribute to the people of the Pacific was delivered wih sheen and soul by Leila Alexander (soprano) against Loata Mahe's sweet descant"
The NZ Herald
"We are Pasifika was a big night out for the Manukau Symphony which was masterminded and presided over by composer and conductor Opeloge Ah Sam"
The NZ Herald
   Opeloge Ah Sam has over 25 years experience as a professional musician as well as being a music graduate of Auckland University and the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Opeloge is currently a Phd in Music composition  at Te Koki, the NZ School of Music at Victoria & Massey Universities in Wellington where he has spent the last 2 years as a mentor and lecturer of Pasifika Music Performance. He also worked as a secondary school music teacher currently teaching at Kristin School in Auckland's North Shore. Opeloge has also performed as a professional pianist including performances for HRH Highness Princess Anne, HRH Tuiatua Tupua Tamasese and hundreds of events & weddings including TV star Pippa Wetzel's wedding. Opeloge also works as a conductor and composer  bringing a wealth of experience, creativity and professionalism to his work.
Opeloge Ah recently became a High chief in Samoa now holding the titleMatatumua Opeloge Ah .
Opeloge Ah Sam became the first Samoan & Pasifika person to ever conduct the NZ Symphony Orchestra at the recent celebration of 50 years of the Treaty of Friendship between Samoa & NZ at Victoria University which was a great honour for Opeloge and his family. In October 2013 he will again become the first Samoan/Pasifika musician to compose, arrange and conduct a fully Pasifika repertoire for the Manukau Symphony Orchestra celebrating their 20 years in the South Auckland Community of NZ. Opeloge is currently working towards new compositions for the Auckland Philharmonic and various other projects that include film music, advertising jingles, arts collaborations and his own album with friends. 
   Opeloge guarantees professionalism, dynamic concepts and excellence in all his work. Whether you are looking for a choir, band, or a particular muic ensemble to suit your event and needs, Opeloge now to discuss how he can help you.
   Opeloge Ah Sam is also for workshops on Composing Music, Songwriting, Team Building workhops through music, Inspirational & Motivational talks as well as one-on-one consultation.
"My passion is music, I love sharing my journey with others who are looking for something a little more out of life through music. Music heals, music makes us happy and is an endless medium of emotional expression, connection and joy"