McCloud is an R&B artist from Honolulu, Hawaii.  "I used to make music to make people move. Now, I just really want to move people with my music."  This 21st century Hawaiian is a renaissance man of sorts, with his keen ability to share his native language and culture in a modern, R&B/Neo-soul setting.

In anticipation of his debut solo album,  you've probably already experienced his work in some form or another.  As an artist, he founded one of Hawaii's first Polynesian R&B groups, "REIGN".   He's also produced award winning albums for Hawaiian artists including Na Palapalai, Kupaoa, Waipuna and Mark Yamanaka.  On rare occasion, you may catch him on stage supporting a good friend, R&B sensation, Afatia.  McCloud's behind the scenes accolades continue with his vocal arranging for Grammy nominated  Weldon Kekauoha and Billboard chart topper, New Hope Oahu. Stay tuned!

Getting in the spirit- an arrangement I did for brother Frederick Alcain at New Hope Oahu Music . More Mccloud music coming soon!

Posted by Kale Chang on Wednesday, December 23, 2015