Essel is a solo artist from Southern California and is as her name suggests. Mysterious, regal, and unique. 

Essel, born Susie Liufau, grew up in a house full of entertainers. Her father traveled the country with his Polynesian review, brother staring in roles beside Owen Wilson and actors alike. Another brother has been on multiple nation wide tours and gets regular airplay on World Known “KROQ” radio station as well as another brother who tattoos world famous actors, athletes and stars alike. But now it’s her turn. Everyone is moving over to give her the lights she’s working for and deserves.

Essel first got her professional start when she was 14 singing backup for Justin ‘Kawika’ Young who now regularly tours with Colby Calle. That was the beginning of a long list of artist that she vocally supported and was inspired by.

Prior to her solo career, Essel has been a featured backup vocalist in recordings with artists such as: Common Kings, Seedless, Fortunate Youth and Micah Brown. In addition, to performing and touring live with these artists, Essel has performed alongside J Boog, Fiji, Anuhea, and Spawnbreezie to name a few. 

You can find her singles ‘STAY’ and ‘Make Me Shine’ as well as amazing live performances on YouTube as well as soundcloud

With a wide range of vocal styles, Essel favors to reggae, R&B, pop, and soul genres. She is inspired by classics such as Ella Fitzgerald, Bobby Darren, Beyonce, Mariah Carey as well as the iconic Bob Marley. With these versatile genre influences, Essel is able to fuse together her own style that leaves a familiar yet mesmerizing show which allows her stage performance to captivate her audience.