Aaradhana (Aaradhna) Patel (born: December 1983), is a New Zealand hip-hop, soul artist under the music label Dawn Raid. Aaradhna is of Indian and Samoan descent.

Known as the First Lady of Dawn Raid, Aaradhna got a lucky break when Brotha D, co founder of Dawn Raid Entertainment was on tour in Wellington and was getting his hair-braided at her grandmother's house. Her family made her sing to him and he instantly signed her up in 2003.

Moving to Auckland, Aaradhna received the opportunity of a lifetime when she was invited to record with RnB artists Adeaze for their song Getting Stronger. The collaboration was an instant success soaring to number 1 on the local charts and cementing Aaradhna’s name all over New Zealand. Getting Stronger was certified gold in July 2004 and went on to be the #2 most played song on radio for 2004.

After the success of Getting Stronger, and the hype that followed, Aaradhna quietly surrounded herself in writing songs for her debut album. Two years later, she emerged with over 50 original songs to select her album from.

Aaradhna's unique songwriting has helped her craft an enchanting soul album that is both complex in emotion and tranquil in delivery. The song Secret Lover is a tale of two deceitful couples, has a unique chorus sang in Hindi.

With production from platinum producer Brotha D, Dawn Raid producer Nate D and US producer Sol Messiah she has written 14 original songs.